Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Last week of K2 class

The final week has finally arrived.
It was such a rollercoaster for us as we have finally reached the end of our K2 class.
This week we learnt about Natural disaster.
We talked about what to do when certain natural disaster happened around us. We also learnt about how tsunami was formed during science and it was very terrifying. 
But we also had fun during the water hike race as we could play in the small pool.
On the last day we also had a photo session for our annual class photo.
Check out photos from our last week

 Water hike race

 Class photo

 Marble painting

Muscle work ; How to survive natural disasters

It is so hard to say goodbye to each other, but we have to grow up and live on. 
Next term year, K2 will have new members. Until then, have a nice holiday and aza aza Growing!

Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

What are you wearing today?

This week we learnt about clothes. We learnt about what we wear everyday and what fabric did they come from. It was a fun week indeed as we got to play around with our clothes! And for our drama play, we had a fashion show which was a blast! We could wear our favorite clothes and looking good!
Check out photos from that week

Next week would be our last week ever, so do please tune in for our final week.